The Spark

It all really started with the mouse but we'll get to that a little later. Since 2015 Jolene has been the owner of an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency. With all the knowledge she acquired as a Walt Disney World Cast Member she would create detailed, ride by ride itineraries for her clients. This can be a time consuming task and Jolene wanted to simplify this while also creating a beautifully branded itinerary.

When covid hit she decided to take the time to really explore what it would take to create the tool she wanted for her team. She connected with an incredible developer that really understood what she wanted to create. Fast forward and in 2021 she launched Practically Magic. Since then new features have been added and the number of users are now in the hundreds.

A bit more background

For the curious folk . . .
Disney's Blizzard Beach was where Jolene started her Disney career.  It was her first Disney College Program and working for the Mouse was a dream come true.  She continued to work for Disney throughout her college career, doing advanced internships in Guest Relations at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Human Resources for the Disney Cruise Line.  After college Jolene returned once again to work in Disney's Youth Group Sales, there she specialized in Disney's Youth Education Series (YES Programs).  She also had the great opportunity to work on some large events like Night of Joy and Grad Nite.  

After she left Disney to explore the outside world. Jolene moved to NYC where she worked in PR, Marketing and a tour guide for high school groups!

She was then persuaded to move to New Hampshire to help launch a super secret piece of technology. She ended up as part of the launch team for the Segway Personal Transporter and continued to manage events, product placement and dealer development.

Next up was creating a mobile Laundromat for Tide/Proctor & Gamble for their hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She also worked with Campell's Soup, Charmin and Discover Card, creating and managing large scale experiential events/tours.

Then she moved heading the North American marketing department for a German B2B, learning so much about the automotive, wind, cement, industrial baking, and amusement park industries!

She also is a big lover of the arts and volunteered and was Head of the Advisory Board for her regional art museum.

Jolene is married to her favorite person in the whole world and has two amazing kids.

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